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How  True of Keramas
Living in urban areas with hot weather conditions and dusty dirty quickly make our hair and dry. Not to mention that oily scalp, rapid hair smelly, limp and dandruff. The solution to that ya gotta wash it! But sometimes after shampooing, scalp and dandruff are still dirty. The problem is what? Yup it's not one you shampoo, but you wash it the wrong way.

This ya true tips on how to wash a collection of articles from Indonesia

Wet your hair thoroughly rubbing his hair with his hands so that the scalp is also affected by water. Usually if it's too hastily wet hair is not as a whole and this causes hair was not clean despite shampooan.

Focus on the scalp, oily scalp and dandruff's not hair. Well should not only continue shampoin hair scalp is not cleaned. Happens after shampooing hair will be dirty too. So clean the scalp and massage with a little massage should use shower cleaner though. Clean your hair thoroughly but not too long to retain moisture.

Need conditioner? Well here's ya sometimes incorrectly used. How to use conditioner is wiped from the hair shaft to ends of hair. Root hair conditioner not applied because it will make even oily scalp. The results are certainly nice and fluffy hair.

Because the condition of the scalp is different, so the frequency of shampooing should diatu match your scalp condition. Shampooing too often or infrequently also not good for the scalp. Please feel free to experiment to it. Usually, for you who have straight hair and lots of activities, the hair will be dirty quickly and you need to wash it every day and to choose a shampoo with a soft material that does not damage the scalp.

When shampooing, wash hair and rinse well. We recommend that you wash your hair with shampoo 2 times so that the result is more clean and make sure there are no leftover shampoo living in your head yes!

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