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sifat berita
News is always interesting tto be listened to, given the knowledge and information both around and around the world. Actually, the news has some sifatt, namely:

Actual (new)
Latest news more newsworthy than the news that happened a long time.

Distance (far / near)
Audiences are more interested in the events going on around them than the events in the more distant.

Something to be news when considered important, because it affects the lives directly, eg smoking ban law.

Something in the news because it has a great impact

Conflict / conflict
For example, display the news of conflict between nations.

Examples such moments presidential inauguration.

Advances, new innovations or changes
For example, advances in science technology

Everything is rumored to be making an angry, sad, disappointed. For example, news about a newborn found in a dumpster.

It smelled of humor is interesting to observe, make relaxed and entertained.

Now with news on the nature of the composition, information and news delivered from the source and received by the public will be more attractive.

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