Mockups and Function in Architecture

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Mockups and Function in Architecture
In the world of architecture, mockups is one very important thing. Maket is a reflection and a 3-D model of a good design that houses, buildings, and the buildings are made with a certain scale to describe the shape and space that we previously designed.

Mockups can be, model house, building mockups, mockups airport, station mockups, and even a more detail such as trees, people, cars, etc..

Current maket is an effective way to make a presentation to the client that will use the services of an architect. Because by showing mockups of the building at the time of presentation, the image will appear to be contrived as a whole.

By using mockups, we can see and feel the shape and design mockups. In addition we can also see the material and the material that will be used in the manufacture of building.

So mockups often also is named as a mouthpiece for the architects, because it can be as a presentation of their expertise and excellence in this field.

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