Music Influence on Children

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Research shows that music, especially classical music greatly influenced the development of IQ (Intelligent Quotien) and EQ (Emotional Quotien). A child who as a child used to listen to music will be more developed emotional intelligence and intelligence compared with children who rarely listen to music. The meaning of the music here is music that has a regular rhythm and tones the regular, not the notes "tilt". Level of discipline children who often listen to music is also better than the children who rarely listen to music.

Grace Sudargo, a musician and educator says, "Fundamentals of classical music in general comes from the rhythm of the human pulse so that it plays a major role in brain development, the formation of the soul, the character, even the human body."

Research shows, classical music composition containing the tone fluctuates between high and low pitch tone will stimulate quadrant C in the brain. Until the age of 4 years, quadrants B and C in the brains of children will grow up to 80% with the music.

"The music really affect people's lives. Musical has 3 important part that beat, rhythm, and harmony", says Ev. Andrew Walker in a musical lecture. "Beat affect the body, affecting the rhythm of life, while affecting the spirit of harmony." The most obvious example that beats strongly influence the body is in a rock concert. There can be no spectators or players in a rock concert that his body did not move. Everything rocked with a vengeance, and even tend to be out of control. We still remember the "head banger", a twisting movement heads to the rhythm of loud rock music. And as if the body were to follow without feeling tired. If our hearts are hard, try listening to beautiful music, which has a cadence (rhythm) is regular. The feeling we will be more comfortable and easy. Even abroad, the hospital much play beautiful songs to help cure his patients. That is a proof, that greatly affects the rhythm of the human soul. While harmony greatly affect the spirit. If we were watching a horror movie, always sounding harmony (melody), heart-wrenching, hair-raising which we stand. In religious rituals are also widely used human spirit that brings harmony into nature worship. In meditation, people hear the harmony of the natural sounds around him. "Music is good for human life is a balance between the music beat, rhythm, and harmony," said Ev. Andrew Walker.

A biophysicist has conducted an experiment on the effect of music for living beings. Two plants of the same type and age are put in different places. Which one is placed close to the speaker (the speaker) that presents the songs slow rock and heavy rock, while the other plants placed near the speakers that play beautiful songs and rhythmic basis. In a few days there are very striking differences. Plants near the speakers rock songs wither and die, while the plant near the speaker beautiful songs grow fresh and blooming. A proof that music really affects our life.

The universe was created with a very beautiful natural music. The roaring waves of the sea, the wind on the mountain, and the rain is a very beautiful natural music. And proven, how music influences of nature to human life.

Wulaningrum Wibisono, S.Psi said, "If you feel so heavy today, please check again your life today. Lest you have not been listening to music and singing."

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