Quantum Time Machine

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Quantum Time Machine

Time machine that allows you to explore the past without fear of paradox that can make you become nonexistent. Want to make a time machine but fear the classic paradox is likely you did something unknowingly cause you to lose your presence? An MIT professor and several colleagues published a theory allows time travel without paradoxes your absence. All that is needed is a means of quantum teleportation and postselection clear understanding.

Postseleksi is one idea that makes quantum computing fun and confusing to the idea that a very complex issue full of variables, solved by letting the variables take on any value at random and choose a combination that makes the problem correctly. In other words, instead of solving all the possible combinations of problems one by one, you run all possible combinations of parallel and series filter variables that make the problem right.

Quantum mechanics seems to allow concurrent computing all the possible outcomes in theory, although making it happen is a whole other issue (such as quantum computing will be throwing conventional computational methods). However, combined with quantum teleportation, using quantum entanglement to produce a quantum state in a previously existing space at another point, Seth Lloyd and his colleagues say that you could in theory menteleportasi a particle backwards in time.

Forms of time travel theory solves two major problems with achieving berubungan. First, the theory does not require bending of space time as most theories of time travel. Given the conditions needed to bend the space-time can only exist in a black hole, it is a good thing. However, even further, due to the laws of probability quantum mechanics, all that was allowed to happen by the method of time travel has had limited opportunities to happen anyway. That means that a particle can not really retreat into the past and inadvertently destroy itself.

Of course, the theoretical physicists showed no hopes of going into the past to make sure their parents get married or as such. They hope that by showing it thinking they will help drive the direction of the quantum theory of gravity. But the idea of ​​retreat into the past without bending or changing the composition of the universe where someone in the future is awesome.

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