Research Soursop Leaves for Cancer Drugs

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Research Soursop Leaves for Cancer Drugs
Research Soursop Leaves for Cancer Drug - Now has a lot of research on medicinal plants that are expected to become a new hope in the world of medicine. One is Soursop leaves, leaves Soursop has long been known to have efficacy as a cancer drug that diinfokan have 1000 times stronger than chemotherapy. Soursop plant which has the Latin name Annona muricata L was originally brought by the Dutch to Indonesia, a plant originating from Central and South America can thrive in the climate of Indonesia.

Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Cancer Drugs also evidenced by several studies, before 1970 many scientists proved efficacious soursop tree extract is better than chemotherapy can even slow the growth of cancer cells.

National Cancer Institute in 1976 declared the stem and leaves of the soursop serves to attack and destroy the cancer cells. Research conducted in Korea found in a single cell soursop chemical compounds that act selectively kill colon cancer cells and 1000 times more effective as chemotherapy drugs. And a recent study conducted successfully discovered the benefits of soursop leaves is very effective for prostate cancer, pancreas and lung.

Benefits derived from the leaves of the soursop is very good for health, especially for cancer and tumors. It's time to switch treatment plants healthier and more natural with no side effects.

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