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Pesticides not only play a role in controlling the bodies of intruders in agriculture, but also necessary in the field of forestry, especially for the preservation of wood and other forest products, health and household to control vectors (transmitters) of human disease and environmental comfort nuisance animals , in the areas of housing, especially for the control of termites or other insects.

In general, pesticides are used to control the bodies of intruders is a dangerous poison, of course, can threaten human health. For it is an unwise use of pesticides will obviously cause adverse effects to human health, living resources and the environment in general.

Pesticides in agriculture is a means to kill crop pests. In the concept of Integrated Pest Control, pesticide acts as a control component. The principle use is:
  1. should be compatible with other control components, such as components of biological
  2. efficient to control a particular pest
  3. leave residues in the not needed
  4. should not be persistent, so it should be easy to unravel
  5. in trade (transport, storage, packaging, labeling) must meet the security requirements for maximum
  6. should be available antidote for the pesticide
  7. as far as possible should be safe for the physical environment and biota
  8. relatively safe for the user (dermal and oral LD50 is relatively high)
  9. affordable for farmers.
Ideally advanced agricultural technology does not use pesticides. But until now there is no such technology. Pesticides are still needed, even their use is increasing. Indonesia's experience in the use of pesticides for intensification program, it can help to solve the problem of pesticide pest of rice. Pesticides quickly reduce the population of pests, to widespread attacks can be prevented, and yield loss due to pests can be reduced.

Experience in Latin America show that using pesticides to increase yields 40 percent cacao. In Pakistan the use of pesticides can increase the yield of 33 percent on sugar cane, and based on the record of the FAO pesticide use can save 50 percent on crop yield of cotton.

By looking at the amount of yield loss can be saved thanks to the use of pesticides, it can be said that the role of pesticides is very large and is a vital tool that is indispensable in the field of agriculture. Intensification of agriculture is done by applying various advanced technologies such as the use of fertilizers, high yielding varieties, improved irrigation and cropping patterns will lead to changes in the ecosystem that is often followed by increased body attacks nuisance problems. Similarly, agricultural extension efforts by opening up new agricultural land, which means to revamp the ecosystem, often followed by the onset of the problem remains a bully attack. And it appears at this time that can be counted on to fight the bully remains the most potent pesticide only. It is available in other ways, but it is not easy to do, sometimes it requires a lot of energy, time and great expense, can only be done under certain conditions that can not be expected effectiveness. Pesticides currently still plays a major role in rescuing the yield loss caused by the body bullies.

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