Second Puberty

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The term "puberty" is derived from the word "pubes" which means hair that grows around the genitals. This condition is experienced by children in their teens, both male and female. Second puberty is a condition where there is a similarity of behavior as experienced by children who enter puberty, such as more attention to appearance, more attention to the opposite sex, and so on.

Second puberty experienced by men and women age 40 years and over. The symptoms in men entering puberty, the second is:

Reluctant to appear old. They began to notice the appearance and beauty of the body. Dyed hair ala young, fashionable slang, modify the car to be flat, and so on.

They also began re happy adventure. Ranging from long distance riding, up and out of the discotheque.

Productivity increased life. Many found that they are more adept at negotiating, the more advanced the business, as well as the fascinating career.

In women, symptoms are:

Interrupted or cessation of the menstrual period (menopause). This happens because gonadotrop no longer produced by the gland hypophysc. The effect is dizziness, lethargy, and lack of passion. As a result, emotional stability is often compromised.

Shrink fat deposits so that the skin started to wrinkle, even breasts began to change shape. Rambutpun graying. This situation will affect the mental state. Moreover, if the husband saw this as a setback.

Everyone will experience this second phase of puberty. Because it is necessary for adequate preparation to enter the mature phase of this crisis. This is where the commitment of marriage re-tested. Communication and understanding a very important role for couples who begin to enter puberty second. Different conditions between husband and wife often trigger conflicts between them. Husband getting excited in many ways, while the wife of the lethargy and lack of passion. If there is good communication between couples who entered this period, then the issue of this second crisis will be resolved.

Some things you can do to get through a second puberty well are:

Both banc without being bothered by the presence of children
Providing such a surprise candle light dinner, buy goods that are desirable partner, and so on
Reopen memorable photo album together
Watching movies alone
And so on

It is expected the couple who enter puberty two can pass well and happily into old age.

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