Soul Therapy Chick While Cooking

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Soul Therapy Chick While Cooking
For most women spend time in the kitchen is not a pleasant thing. The smell of onions, dirty hands, and the smell of smoke is often a negative judgment. Times of India launched, apparently cooking is not only a mandatory routine kitchen activities or mother, but also as mental therapy. Here is a soul therapy that you might get from the kitchen:

1. channeling anger

Confused looking for an outlet? Kneading dough until smooth solution of the drug could be the anger you feel. Interesting, punching and slamming the dough will be channeling the good emotions, without hurting people around. The heat during cooking can also reduce a person's anger. The amount of sweat that comes out will bring the cold in the body after cooking.

2. Flood of tears

Pain and upset not over with tears. Still want to cry, not everyone is able to shed tears easily. This may be due to the assumption that the people who cry are weak or whiny. Slicing onions at high emotion will help one to shed tears. Flood of tears will relieve emotional and give a person a sense of calm.

3. togetherness

Cooking in the kitchen with your partner is not only a beautiful moment, but also an expression of love. Activities are often done together will create a feeling of mutual need.

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