Stress and Its Remedies

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Human life is characterized by efforts to meet the needs, whether physical, mental-emotional, material and spiritual. If the requirement can be met with a good, mean achieved balance and contentment. But the fact that businesses often meet those needs get a lot of hurdles and obstacles. Pressures and difficulties of life often brings humans are in a state of stress. Stress can be experienced by all ages.

Stress can be physical, biological and psychological. Germs that invade the human body cause biological stress caused various immune reactions. While psychological stress can come from several things that can cause a sense of well-being and life balance.

Sources of stress can be classified in the forms:

1. Crisis

Crises are changes / events that arise suddenly and shake the balance of power beyond the reach of one's day-to-day adjustments. For example: the crisis in the business, family relationships, and so on.

2. Frutrasi

Frustration was largely a failure in satisfying business kebutuhan-kebutuhan/dorongan instincts, causing disappointment. Frutrasi arise when someone intent or attempt blocked by obstacles (from outside: famine, drought, death, etc., and from within: fatigue, mental disability, low self-esteem, etc.) that hinder the progress of a goal that was about to accomplish.

3. Conflict

Conflict is a disagreement between 2 desire / urge that the power of instinct and strength mengenalikan instinct drives them.

4. Pressure

Stress can be caused pressure associated with great responsibility to bear. (From the self: the ideals, the head of the family, and so on and from the outside: the wife is too demanding, parents who want their children to excel).


Due to stress depends on a person's reaction to stress. Generally, prolonged stress cause feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, loss of sense of security, self-esteem is threatened, anxious, cold sweat, heart palpitations often, dizziness, difficult or fancy eating and difficulty sleeping). Severe anxiety and prolonged will reduce a person's ability and efficiency in carrying out the functions of life and in turn can cause a variety of mental disorders.


Person's reaction to stress varies from:
1. The level of maturity of personality
2. Educational and life experiences

Psychological reactions that may arise in the face of stress:
1. deal directly with all the risks.
2. pull away and knew nothing about the issues that face / run away from reality.
3. use a self-defense mechanism.


Know and recognize sources of stress.
Fostering personal maturity through education and life experiences.

Develop healthy life. Among others, by the way: being content with what they have, not in a hurry to achieve his desire, knowing the difference between wants and needs, and sebagain Yes.

Thank God Almighty for everything that happens to remain faithful to him.

Ask for guidance to his close friend, the people are more mature, psychologists, spiritual mature person, and so on).

Avoid negative attitudes include: rebel against the state, apathy, anger. These things do not solve the problem but it opens a new problem.

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