Technology for Controlling Desire

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Technology for Controlling Desire
Today in America people are using technology to control their desires or wishes. Examples of applications 'Do not Dial!' of Cuttlefish Industries This technology is suitable for anyone who is in the work to get things done but was constantly harassed by the impulses to do other things.

Suppose you're writing a book but there was always a desire to open up the internet, then you can use this technology to block your own access to the internet for two hours a day.

The technology is actually similar to the reminder or reminders on your mobile phone, but the reminders only work according to the set time, while the technology to control this desire work remind even stop or limit the activities we wanted to do during the activity will be carried out.

Now many tools to help people to stay on track or plan, such as a program that is stop using your credit card, or any device that monitors your workout and provide input in the form of sound. These tools help us to remain disciplined and well behaved.

We have entered an era in which electronics serve as parents, police, and coach because we can not control our own desires. If there is a will, surely we can also develop such technologies, in particular applications to stop our desire to do things that hurt many people.

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