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Gold is a chemical element within the periodic table that has the symbol Au (Latin: 'aurum') and atomic number 79. A transition metal (trivalent and univalent) are soft, shiny, yellow, heavy, "malleable" and "ductile". Gold does not react with other chemicals but is attacked by chlorine, fluorine and aqua regia. The metal is widely available in gold nuggets or dust on the rocks and in alluvial deposits and one of the Coinage metals. ISOnya code is XAU. Gold melted into liquid form at a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius.

Gold is a metal that is soft and malleable, hardness ranged between 2.5 - 3 (Mohs scale), as well as its density depends on the type and content of other metals are combined with it. Mineral gold carrier usually associated with minerals (gangue minerals). Minerals are generally quartz, carbonate, tourmaline, flourpar, and a small amount of non-metallic minerals. Mineral gold carrier was also associated with sediment sulfides have been oxidized. Mineral gold carrier consists of the nativ gold, electrum, gold telluride, a number of gold alloys and compounds with the elements sulfur, antimony, and selenium. Electrum is actually another type of gold nativ, only the silver content in which 20%.

Gold formed by magmatism or the concentration at the surface. Some precipitate formed by the contact metasomatisme and hydrothermal solution, while the concentration of mechanically produced precipitate Lay (placer). Gold genesis categorized into two, namely:

Primary sediment, and
Deposition plaser.

Monetary gold as collateral for the currency that had been used by Bank Indonesia

Gold is used as a financial standard in many countries and is also used as jewelry, and electronics. The use of gold in the monetary and financial sector based on absolute monetary value of gold itself against many currencies around the world, although it is officially the world commodity markets, gold prices are listed in U.S. dollars. Shape the use of gold in the monetary field is typically in the form of bouillon or gold bullion in the various units of weight grams to kilograms.

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