The pizza was delicious

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The pizza was delicious
Pizza is now become one of the favorite foods of Indonesia's population. We can see by the many restaurants or supermarkets that provide pizza as their food menu. Even at this pizza can also be ordered with a pizza delivery service, you simply contact via mobile phone or telephone or can be a message through the web site.

To feel the sensation of eating pizza is the pizza was still warm fit. But pizza can also be enjoyed in the cold, for example, if taken for lunch to the office or school.

Pizza comes from the land of Italy. While the meaning of the word pizza itself was also the language of Italy is pies, cakes, tarts. In his home country, the pizza is usually 30 cm in diameter, some even more. And the embers pemanggangannya also use it aims to preserve the delicacy of flavor of the pizza itself.

Pizza shaped like a flat round bread, which is then baked using the oven. The basic ingredients are the usual bread pizza then given extra flavor with butter, garlic, herbs, or sesame.

Shape pizza this time in the form of round, flat bread baked using the oven. Bread, pizza bases made ​​from regular bread, but were given extra flavor with butter, garlic, herbs, or sesame. After that the above can be added various other ingredients such as chicken, seafood, beef, or a mixture of meat and vegetables. Even now many options menu of pizzas with a variety of flavors that you can message in a pizza restaurant in your city

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