Tips to Make Flower Series

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Tips to Make Flower Series
Flower arrangements right will make the results will look beautiful and certainly pleasing to the eye. For those of you who want to learn a few tips of flower arranging. So prepare materials and equipment to be used like this:


- Which surely must have flowers, such as orchids, daisies or roses. Put the flowers in a container filled with water in order to keep flowers fresh.

- Cutter, wire, scissors, floral tape that you use to wrap the flower stems.

- Leaves florida or betel leaves for garnish.

- Foam or foam that can absorb water as a cushion to stick the flowers and leaves.

- Flower basket or pot as a place to put flowers.

Stringing Method

- Foam that has been put in the water soak into the basket, adjust the foam shape with pot or basket, use the cutter to cut, foam must be covered with plastic to prevent water seeping out.

- Rangkailah the leaves on a regular basis prior to closing foam being seen and certainly help us in arranging flowers.

- After that, rangkailah rate based on the style and model of what we want, can be round, square either vertically or horizontally.

May the flower arrangements that you created in line with expectations, and hopefully these quick tips can be useful for you.

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