Tips to Prevent Blackheads

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Tips to Prevent Blackheads
Face Whitening - blackheads on the face is very disturbing appearance. The easiest way, and many people use is to squeeze. However this is very risky, because it can make a acne blackheads which will surely add spots on your face.

Squeeze acne can also cause an infection in your face. To avoid this, there are some natural ways to lift and remove blackheads from your face:

With the way vapor and brine

Add 1 tablespoon of salt ked natural container with hot water. Then Steam your face about 10 menitan. Then wipe your face with a dry towel to clean.

Use egg whites to remove blackheads

Take the egg whites and mix until frothy then dab on the nose and face of blackheads. Cover with paper towel. Wait until dry, freshly removed tissue was lifted slowly and blackheads.

Wearing Masks Nuts

In addition to the egg whites and steam, you can use a mask made ​​of kacamg soybeans and peas that have been crushed in a blender or with a mixture of warm water. Use for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Hopefully the tips above, you can get rid of annoying blackheads. Good luck.

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