Tips Wearing Face Moisturizer

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Tips Wearing Face Moisturizer
Difficult yes this should bother wearing it, especially the face. But is the risk if you want to look beautiful and clean. Well our gorgeous tips this time is tips on how to use face moisturizer.

Moisturizing face serves to maintain the structure and function of the skin from external factors. For those of you who are working air-conditioned room of the main. So that the skin does not dry quickly, moisturizing is very useful to counteract it. Not only AC are many more factors, such as dry air, sunlight, and also the age factor.

Regular use of moisturizers best after cleaning the face in the morning, afternoon or evening. Customize the type of moisturizer to skin type. For dry skin should use cream for oily skin and use a gel made ​​for normal skin should use a moisturizer with a lotion base material

Note the moisturisers content. Use a moisturizer that is safe for the skin in order to avoid irritation or be less convenient to use. Customize your moisturizer with your pocket. Not all that expensive moisturizer then matches your skin. Consult a dermatologist you trust

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