Top 5 Hotels In The World

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1. Baiyoke Tower II

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Opened in 1998, Bayoke Tower II is the tallest building in Thailand and Southeast Asia's tallest hotel. Height of about 304 meters or 328 feet if the antenna on top of it counted. Got 85 floors and 673 rooms.

2. Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, right on tengah2 business district in Dubai, Jumeirah Emirates Towerseringkali called the hotel for the best business in the world. Ranking of the 33 tallest buildings in the world, buildings made of steel and glass has 56 floors and 309 meters high.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel opened in the year 200 and reshaped in 2005. There are 400 rooms, 40 luxury suites and more than 15 restaurants, bars and lounges. Rent a room in this hotel is the cheapest is 1100 dollars.

3. Burj al Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burjal-Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates. Building the Burj al-Arab, was designed by Tom Wright, reaching
height of 321 meters and is the tallest building used as a hotel entirely.
The building stands on an artificial island located 280 m off
coast in the Persian Gulf. Burj al-Arab is owned by Jumeirah.

This Hotel often referred to as a seven-star hotel. It is considered
a hyperbole by those in the field of tourism. It also
seen as a way to "beat" the other hotels that call
his hotel six star. Unfortunately, almost the entire ranking system
hotel in the world has a limited five-star. According to the official site of Burj
al-Arab, the hotel is there a "five-star deluxe hotel".

4. Ryugyong

Location: Pyongyang, North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel (or Ryu-Gyong Hotel or Yu-Kyung Hotel) is a tower
skyscraper construction still continues after a
stalled due to financing difficulties experienced by
The government of North Korea. The tower would be in Sojang-dong,
Cut-gang District, Pyongyang, North Korea. Name is derived
historic name of Pyongyang: Ryugyong. This hotel has 105 floors
with a height of 330 meters.

With 3000 rooms available,
Ryugyong Hotel which became a huge loss due to unprepared
this hotel. Therefore, North Korea again work in
April 2008, after 16 yrs stalled. It is not yet known how
happens, because governments that North Korea is closed.

5. Rose Tower

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rose Tower is a skyscraper as high as 333 meters (1.093 feet)
graded 72 on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, but construction
not finished. This tower, which construction began in 2004,
planned to be as high as 380 m (1.247 feet), but the height is reduced to its original design modifications. Despite the reduced height, the tower is the tallest hotel in the world,

Rose Rotana Suites, surpassing the Burj Al Arab at a height of 321 m
(1.053 feet), also in Dubai. On October 24, 2006, the building is
reaches its original height with extra on top.

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