Toys Suitable for Children 1 Year

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Toys Suitable for Children 1 Year
Toy Store - Children aged 1 year, must have started actively to move. That's when you'll want to give the right toys. What are good toys for children 1 year of age?

- Ball, great for toys that start to learn to walk. Of course, with your assistance in playing.

- The type of toy that has wheels, such as cars, it will also make the children become active in play, you can add a string to pull these cars.

- Games make up, stacking blocks or stacking rings into the toy your child hone himself until he could put them together.

- Toy phone, or laptop handpone toy, this is usually a favorite toy as well, seeing the people around him to use and also makes noises.

There are many toys that can help growth, may be useful.

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