Traditional Medicine to Eliminate Imsonia

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Traditional Medicine to Eliminate Imsonia
For those of you who have disturbed sleep or experiencing imsonia, it's good to know the cause why you sleepless nights, such as irregular lifestyle, stress and other causes.

Symptoms of insomnia can also indicate you are affected by the disease. In order to avoid this. Get used to sleep at a particular time and routine, go to bed a comfortable place.

There are some herbal concoction of herbs that you can use

* Bananas
- Ripe Bananas 1 piece
- Havermuth taste
- Milk 1 Glass

How to make it: Cut the bananas and add havermuth, then boiled with a glass of milk for a while. Once cool new meal. Apply 2 times a day.

* Cactus
- Cactus 60 grams

How to make it: Peel the skin and cut into small cactus. 600cc boiled with water until the remaining half. Drinking water while hangat.Lakukan 2 times a day.

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