Trends in Watches for Men

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Trends in Watches for Men
Original Sell watches - watches stylish masculine model is currently a trend in the fashion world. Boyfriend watches, that's the name of this trend, because it because it looks like men's watches that seem masculine.

The model watches with large pieces called trend 'boyish' being favored by lovers of fashion. There are some celebrities that look using these models of watches, such as Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Palermo, and Ashley Tisdale. In general, those blends that model watches with casual clothing such as blazers, sweaters and jeans.

But 'boyfriend watches' ​​not only to match the combined-style men's casual clothing. But it also can combine the style overalls. Interested to use, consider the following tips:

1. Look for watches with a neutral color like black or silver to be combined with any color clothing. Meanwhile, gold color suitable for formal events.

2. Use the strap a little bit loose, so it seemed like a bracelet. Kalu is too tight on the arm, wrist watches will look small.

3. You can also buy men's watches models at thrift stores. In addition, you can find 'boyfriend watches' ​​vintage models from well-known brand with a fairly cheap price.

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