Tricks to Make Trees maket

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Tricks to Make Trees maket
After we have successfully learned how to make mockups, now we try to learn making the mockups are mockups tree. To create a tree that is similar to the original there are some materials to be prepared:

- Wire - Powder Saws - Cutter
- Cables - Spray Paint - Tang
- Solder and Tin - Tweezers - Brush, Glue etc.
- Hairspray or pilox Clear-Coloring Agents
- Styrofoam

How to make a tree

- First set the type of tree that is made, but in general for the usual tree can use the above material.
- Specify terlbih first tree scale appropriate to the form of the house or mockups you created
- Cut the wire according to the scale and wrapped with fiber cables that are already peeled.
- Use the soldering iron to the wire and to unify apada bottom fiber cable
- While the above could be part of the tree branch
- Use spray paint that matches the color of trees, such as brown and gray
- Use glue to attach the sawdust that serves as a leaf
- Sawdust previously had given the green dye leaves
- Once dry use hairspray or clear pilox to strengthen the tree and look shiny
- When done, drain, and plug it in Styrofoam.

Hopefully these tips help you in making the right building mockups.

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