Type of Sushi from Japan

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Type of Sushi from Japan
Sushi is a Japanese food and is a favorite culinary all over the world. Sushi itself means rice vinegar. but the main element of sushi is rice and raw fish Sushi a great pick for health benefits. There are several types of sushi that we can know by looking at the form of rice:

Nigirizushi, This is a common form of sushi. oval-shaped and the side dishes are placed on this type of sushi can be raw or cooked. such tamagoyaki or unagi eel and eel anago already baked.

Makizushi, is shaped sushi rice roll that contains cucumber slices, a side dish or wrapped in sheets of nori neta. Rice rolled with the help Sudare (woven bamboo rectangular shape).

Chirashizushi, rice is eaten with sushi neta such as seafood and vegetables are cut into small pieces. The sushi rice was not formed but loaded into a container of wood, plates or bowls. Chirashizushi is one of the popular dishes in Japan to commemorate special days like birthdays and celebrations children Hina Matsuri.

Oshizushi, Rice prepared with neta-pressed for a while with the intention of compressing sushi rice so that the resulting rectangular and cut into pieces to be easily enjoyed. Oshizushi some are wrapped in bamboo leaves, and pressed for a few hours until one night.

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