Understanding Post-Power Syndrome Loved the People

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Rudi, 23-year-old dashing young man is increasingly resentful behavior just seen his father. Just imagine, who would not hate it if you have a father who is retired and unemployed, but when speaking always lofty. His father talked incessantly about how great he used to when he was president of a garment company in Surabaya. As if he had never realized that the story has been repeated constantly repeated dozens of times in and out of the ear Rudi. When reprimanded, his father could not accept and assume Rudi inexperienced or still smell kencur.

When Rudi friends play to the house, her father always gave "lectures" to his friends so they imitate what his father had done. In fact not only at home, in the neighborhood tetanggapun, Rudi's father known as "pengobral" stories of the past obsolete. As a result, not only are irritated Rudi, but neighbors who were tired of hearing the story straight away so his father Rudi's dad came.

Post-power syndrome, is a phenomenon that occurs where people live in the shadow of the greatness of his past (his career, beauty, good looks, intelligence, or anything else), and as if he could not look at the current reality. As happened to Rudi's father, he suffered post-power syndrome. He always wanted to express how he is so proud of its past in its path with a tremendous effort (he thinks).

There are many factors that cause post-power syndrome. Early retirement and layoffs is one of those factors. When people are getting early retirement can not accept the situation that the energy is not used anymore, even though he thinks he can still make a significant contribution to the company, post-power syndrome will easily attack. Especially when it turns out he was already included age less productive and rejected when applying at other companies, post-power syndrome that attacked will get worse.

Traumatic event is also one of the causes of post-power syndrome. For example, accidents experienced by a runner, which caused his leg to be amputated. If he is not able to accept the situation that happened, he would experience post-power syndrome. And if it continues to drag on, it's possible that more severe mental disorder be suffered.

Post-power syndrome almost always experienced, especially those who are elderly and retired. It's just a lot of people who make it through this phase quickly and can accept the reality of the heart. But in certain cases, where the person is unable to accept the reality, coupled with the pressing demands of life, and he was the only support family life, the risk of post-power syndrome greater weight.

Several cases of post-power syndrome followed by severe mental disorders such as can not think rationally in a certain period of time, severe depression, or the persons introfert (closed) occurs psychosomatic (pain caused by emotional baggage that is not channeled) severe.


If a post-power syndrome sufferers can find a new self-actualization, it would be helpful for him. For example, a manager who is affected by layoffs, but can actualize themselves in the new business he started (agribusiness for example), it will avoid the risk of post-power syndrome.

In addition, support the immediate environment, in this family, and emotional maturity deadline miss someone very influential in phase post-power syndrome. Someone who can accept reality and existence well be better able to pass through this phase compared with someone who has a conflict of emotions.

Support and understanding from loved ones really help people. When people see that the people who loves to understand and know about his situation, or the inability to make a living, he would be more able to accept the situation and better able to think cool. It will return the creativity and productivity, although not as good as first. The result would be very different if the family even mocking and always tease, bitch, even making fun of him.

Post-power syndrome affect anyone, male or female. Emotional maturity and the warmth of the family is very helpful to get through this phase. And one way to prepare for the post-power syndrome is fond of saving and simple living. Because if the post-power syndrome attack, while the patient was used to luxury living, the consequences will be more severe.

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