Working Mother and Effects on Child Development

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One of the effects of the financial crisis is the increasing needs can not be met because of the high price. To meet these needs is one way to supplement the family income ... eventually that usually only the father is working now ibupun go to work.

Mothers who go to work have many choices. There are mothers who choose to work at home and there are women who choose to work outside the home. If mothers choose to work outside the home, the mother must be very clever to set a time for the family because it is essentially a mother has primary responsibility which regulate domestic matters including supervising, organizing and guiding children. Moreover, if the mother has a young child or toddler then a mother should know very well how to manage your time wisely. A child aged 0-5 years are still very dependent on his mother. Because children aged 0-5 years have not been able to perform personal tasks such as eating, bathing, learning, and so on. They still need the help of parents in doing those jobs. If the child is left with an aide to the elderly or mothers in particular should know very well that the maid was able to guide and assist children in doing their jobs. If the maid was not able to do so then the kids would suffer losses.

The formation of a child's personality begins when the child is 0-5 years old. Children will learn from the people and environment of the things done by the people around him. Children who are the people who are angry, hitting, and perform other acts of violence, children also will grow into personal hard. For the mother or parents to be wise in childcare while parents work.

Sometimes just because the environment is less supportive when the child is still small will result in a negative impact for the growth of the child's personality in later age. Such as juvenile delinquency cases, the involvement of children in the world of drugs, and so could be due to the formation of personality in childhood are not well formed.

For it is the mother who works outside the home would be wise to set the time. Working to meet the needs of the family is very precious, but still it must be remembered that the main task of a mother is the household. Mothers who have to leave work in the morning and return in the afternoon still have to take the time to communicate, joke, check school assignments even though the mother is very tired after a day's work outside the home. But the sacrifice is going to be a joy if seeing her children grow into strong and stable private.

As for the women who work in rumahpun should still be able to manage your time wisely.

But the task is certainly not just a mother's duty but the father should also help women to perform household tasks so that the integrity and harmony of the tanggapun will remain well preserved.

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