A good way to brush your teeth

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1. Brush your teeth and gums with the brush head at an angle of 45 degrees in the border areas between the teeth with gums.

2. Brush with soft movement and play. Brush the outer surfaces of each tooth above and below the position 45 bristles against the gum line so that leftovers may still slip can be cleaned.

3. Use the same motion to brush the inside surface of the teeth.

4. Scrub all the surfaces of teeth used for chewing. Use only the tip of the toothbrush bristles to clean teeth with light pressure so the bristles do not bend. Let bristle brush to clean the crevices of the teeth. Fox position toothbrush as often as possible.

5. To clean the inside front teeth, brush your teeth in an upright position and slowly move up and down through the gum line.

6. Brush your tongue to remove bacteria and to breath fresh.

7. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles because the hardware can make your gums hurt and cause abrasion of the teeth, the thinning of the tooth structure, especially around the gum line. Abrasion can make bacteria and spent acid as hard coating protective gear tooth enamel has been eroded.

8. Replace your toothbrush bristle brush if it is damaged and store in a dry place so it can be dried after use.

9. Never lend your toothbrush to others as toothbrushes contain bacteria that can be transferred from one person to another even if the brush has been cleared.

10. Use an electric toothbrush for your child to make it easier to use. This type of toothbrush can actually clean better than a manual toothbrush, but you should consult with your doctor first about their use of your teeth.

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