10 Tips Portrait With Camera Phone Pictures

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10 surefire tips portrait pictures with a camera phone - For those of you who have a hobby jeprat-snap using your cell phone camera, you must listen to this article. On this occasion, we would like to give you some surefire tips portrait pictures with a camera phone. How, you wonder? More please refer to the following information from SituSaja

Here are 10 Tips Portrait With Camera Phone Pictures

1. Look for a location that is fairly light
Light is very important for the photo, try on a bright

2. Closer to the object
Since HP does not have a camera optical zoom lens, the better approach the object.

3. Do not challenge the sunlight
The object will appear dark when challenging the sun, try the right position.

4. Background objects do not get too crowded
If the busy background, the main object will be confused, unless you want the show keramaiaa.

5. Always try from various positions / angel
Get the position of an object that fits with the light coming proportional

6. Calm / not shake when shooting
There baikknya After you press the button, hold it about 2-5 seconds.

7. Avoid using digital zoom
To be good quality, the image is not broken

8. Use the tiggi resolution
Always use the highest resolution for maximum quality

9. Use the camera facility
Each camera phone has a different facility, but better make the most of the existing, eg, night mode, day mode.

10. Print photo fit the size limit
If you want to print, try not to exceed the print quality of the print. Suppose a 1.3 MP camera with a maximum print size of 3R, 3 MP maximum 10R print, etc..

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