5 Most Unique Traditional medicine in the World

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1. Eating fish alive 

7 Tradisi pengobatan Paling Unik di Dunia
In Hyderabad city, we can find the odd healing tradition requires that a person swallow live fish. Before being swallowed, the fish was first dipped into a potion. Many people believe that eating live fish therapy to help them heal asthma and other respiratory problems.

2. Hijamah or bruise

Hijamah or better known as cupping, is a strange treatment techniques performed in Palestine and in the area near the Gaza Strip. The surface of the patient's skin will be sliced ​​then covered with letterhead. This traditional treatment methods reportedly can remove blood that has been damaged or oxidized because of the high oxidant in the body.

3. Therapy turtles

In Cambodia, turtles therapy is believed to cure rheumatism and other bodily diseases. Cambodian citizens believe that animals such as turtles and snakes have supernatural healing powers. Therefore, turtles are often used in a variety of traditional medicine.

4. Sand bath

Sand bath is a treatment technique that is generally carried out in Egypt. Egyptians believed that these treatments can cure joint pain, sexual dysfunction, and many more. The patient's body will be buried in the sand that had been heated for some time. Heat that is pervasive to the body and is believed to cure various diseases.

5. Fish Therapy

Garra rufa fish, known obtusas is good at curing psoriasis, a chronic skin disease. This therapy has been very popular throughout the world. In fact, not infrequently, treatment technique is done to make the skin look smooth and shiny. Therefore, many people believe that by dipping their faces into a pond filled with Garra rufa can be very effective in treating skin problems.

Alternative medicine has a negative side and a positive for health. Techniques such treatment could cure or even vice versa. Thus, the origin should not believe if you do not know the results.

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