7 Ages machine nosy past

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1. Machine Pedal Invisible

When a person starts to memerkan strength by lifting load such as a regular sport at that time, then he will surprised that an empty 32-caliber tube exploded at the rear, and the board is in the back will hit the the buttocks as well as spraying water on the face.

2. Throw Knives

"Believe me, it is so cool, perfect and harmless, but
scams are very convincing. "Participants found the blade to be
thrown by the thrower, but the actual knife
hidden at the back wall and emerged through the slot
operated harshly from behind. It is already planned
by giving the power to the arm so as to give
sensations such as a knife cut section.

3. Machine bashers

When someone raised the handle is provided then the
Behind them will feel the slap is quite painful and
emit a loud voice to the people by surprise. And not
only that, at the bottom of the power that has been hidden
applied and they will get a shock with the same time.

4. Goat Fell

"We think that we have reached the limit when it comes to creating
a goat, but from the nature of imagination and ingenuity we have
creating another specimen. Real rip - something huge. "Only wheels
great walk on the floor. Small wheels can be compared
the nails of the goats in action.

5. Altar Agreement

When someone kneeling at the altar in a dark room. He will
startled jump because there is a large skeleton skull,
bulging eyes light up, a blank cartridge exploded and water out
on his face. Not only that, there are also electric shock
located right at the knees.

6. Bench Surprise

"People who sit on the bench will be surprised because the bench will fall
to the rear. This produces a real feeling like waterfall
but not dangerous, because it was specifically designed. "

7. Sea Serpent

Using an electric carpet so the rider feels 'comfortable'. Its body is made of
canvas with a length of 20 feet and has a weird head
facility strap to hold.

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