7 Beautiful Blogger Origin Indonesia

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1. Diana Rikasari 

 Women graduates of the University of Indonesia has long been plunged into blogger on the website Fill blog filled with fashion content that has inspired many people. Even women who formerly worked as Assistant Brand Manager at Unilever now has his own shoe line named 'I Wear Up'.

2. Evita Nuh

The blog owner is still 13 years old. The third child of three brothers have dressed very stylish and different from the child's age. If you visit her blog, you will see an assortment of photos Evita wearing clothes that can make many people want to emulate her style.


3. Dian Pelangi

This young designer also likes to post a playfuldan berbusananya chic style on his personal blog. Women born in 1991 has around 10 thousand followers on his blog, Not a few women he was kept, the style inspired from Dian berbusananya.

4. Andra Alodita

His passion for photography, make alodita blog owner. is posted various photos of his work is outstanding. He also used to be a photographer in several print and online media.

5. Elizabeth Christina Parameswari

The woman who is one member of Indonesia Beauty Blogger This also can provide inspiration for you. Elizabeth's love for make-up, made it his hobby to channel such as a make-up artist. If you want to look at his portfolio, you can visit the website at

6. Indah Nada Puspita

The blog owner This also could be used as inspiration for you that he was kept. His blog post about a consistent fashion, making a guide number of beautiful women to appear un-Islamic. He now has over 2,000 followers.

 7. Stella Lee

She was born 12 September 1992 is one of the well-known beauty bloggers. The first child of the two brothers is a blog that contains about product bought cosmetics. Even keeksisannya in the world of beauty blogs is to bring it to Korea. blog address is, if you want to know more just visit us broaden blognya.Semoga

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