7 benefits Leaf Lettuce

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7 benefits Leaf Lettuce
Lettuce is a good source of chlorophyll and vitamin K. As rich in mineral salts with alkali elements sangay dominate, it can help keep blood clean. The lettuce has low calorie, but is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, folic acid, manganese and chromium.

Here are 7 benefits Leaf Lettuce

1. Maintaining Weight Loss

Lettuce is very good for people who are on a diet because it's low in calories. Lettuce rich in water, allowing the body to hydrated. The lettuce also contain fiber, which helps digestion and gives a sense of fullness for longer.

2. prevent Cancer

According to the American Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, foods rich in vitamin A and C may help prevent certain cancers. Lettuce contains both vitamin.

3. Helping Patients with Constipation

Lettuce contain fiber that can help the intestines move more easily so that helps with digestion.

4. Assisting Recovery Network

Lettuce high in magnesium. This element plays an important role in the recovery of tissues, nerves, brain, and muscles. Eating lettuce can accelerate recovery of tired muscles, tissues, and nerves.

5. fight Insomnia

Eating lettuce can help fight insomnia because it contains lactucarium that can induce sleep. It is a mild opiate substances that exist in virtually all types of lettuce.

6. healthy Eyes

The content of the leaves are green and are believed to be able to nourish the eyes, spinach namu still be eye medication.

7. Eat fresh vegetables

Yes, in addition to a healthy, lettuce turned out to be a great demand for rice as a complement friend laup pauknya

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