7 Benefits of Eggplant For Health

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7 Benefits of Eggplant For HealthVegetables purple one is a vegetable that you should enter into your diet. Maybe some of you do not really like to eat eggplant because it feels so good to eat. However, for reasons of health benefits of eggplant is very remarkable. I myself do not particularly like eggplant but after knowing the benefits, then I began to eat it. Eggplant is rich in minerals and nutrients that are very beneficial for our health.

Here are 7 Benefits of Eggplant For Health

1. Rich in Fiber

We all know that fiber is very important for our body because it helps facilitate digestion and defecation. This is one of the benefits of eggplant is quite good as fiber content in eggplant about 2 grams.

2. Skin

Did you know that the eggplant also has benefits for your skin? Eggplant can help moisturize your skin from within. So for those of you who have dry skin may be the consumption of eggplant to help overcome them.

3. Lose Weight

Well he is the most preferred eggplant benefits a lot of people that can help you lose weight. Why Can?? Of course, since fiber in eggplant can make us hungry easy and helps speed up the metabolism. In addition, eggplant can help in the fat burning process in the body, so for those of you who feel a lot of fat let's start now trying to eat eggplant.

4. Cancer

In eggplant also found there are elements called nasunin. This element could help overcome the cells - cancer cells in the body. So the more you consume the eggplant, the less likely you are affected by cancer. Eggplant is very good against colon cancer.

5. Brain Food

Phytonutrients found in eggplant may help the development of our brains and protects cell membranes from various damages. For those of you who have children and if you want your child's brain is more active, then try entering the eggplant into their vegetables.

6. Heart Health

Eggplant also proved to have good benefit to the heart. Eggplant can reduce cholesterol that are on the walls of the arteries and blood vessel walls so that blood flow becomes smooth. Eggplant is also known as one of the foods that are healthy for the heart.

7. Diabetes

High-fiber foods such as low-carb eggplant and also very good for diabetics. Hasi research shows that, if we eat eggplant sugar levels regularly then we will also decrease and stabilize. So especially diabetics you try to prove yourself.

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