7 Benefits of Facebook in General

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7 Benefits of Facebook in General
1. Help find a mate

Final benefit of Facebook for your social life is to help find a mate that you've been looking for.

2. Provide employment

Already many people are using Facebook to help launch businesses or business. Facebook is one of the marketing media that is easy, inexpensive, and effective.

3. Increasing stock prices

For people who already have a large business, has an active Facebook account and use it also could help boost the company's stock price that they have. Because Facebook is not directly increase a person's name and the company itself.

4. Increasing confidence

A study from Cornell University states with respect to the display wall Facebook account, then someone will be more confident. It is caused by any form of the best view of someone actually maximized when posted on your Facebook wall.

5. Increase productivity

A study from the University of Melbourne has also been proven that employees are given the opportunity to access Facebook for 10 minutes while working will increase their productivity.

6. Helping kids graduate school

Another study by experts from Abilene Christian University says some school children who do not have a social media account such as Facebook, great opportunity for expulsion from school and fail to graduate.

7. healthy heart

Opening Facebook helps you be more relaxed and reduce stress, as evidence of a study conducted by experts from the Institute of Technology and the University of Milan. Of course it's true that you do not overdo it.

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