7 Dangers of cigarettes for mother and fetus

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7 Bahaya Rokok bagi ibu hamilFor pregnant women should never try smoking. Nicotine is inhaled and enter the bloodstream can interfere with fertility womb. And the blood will be mingled masuh nicotine to the fetus. This is very dangerous for the fetus at all, that can be generated is due to premature birth. The results of a new study show that women who smoke during pregnancy are likely to have children with behavioral disorders.

This finding is consistent with the pattern that is said in the earlier study, which links smoking during pregnancy to behavior like disturbing and evil even in later childhood, according to Dr. Judith Brook and his colleagues from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Based on these findings, the researchers looked for an association between smoking during pregnancy with anger and negative behavior in children 2 years old and comes from the pregnancy. Levels of negativity shown the child directly linked to the level of mother's smoking during pregnancy, according to results published in the April issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescence Medicine. The more a woman smoked, the worse the nature of anger, impulsive behavior and an increased risk to the child, the researchers reported this.

According to a recent study conducted by scientists from Loma Linda University School of Medicine found one of the dangers of smoking to the fetus. Mentioned that fetuses exposed to nicotine will suffer from high blood pressure as an adult. Consequently, they are at risk of suffering a heart attack at a young age.

Here are 7 dangers of cigarettes for mother and fetus

1. More likely to experience premature birth, pregnancy complications and stillbirths

2. Put them at higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome

3. The baby has a greater likelihood of decreased lung function

4. Pregnant women who smoke risk the risk of miscarriage by 25 percent than non-smokers. Other than that this woman had 1.5 to 2.5 times the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy, so to raise the fetus is to be operated

5. Early rupture of the amniotic fluid before the pregnancy, it would threaten the pregnancy, the fetus even pregnant

6. Inhibit fetal growth and milk production Reduce

7. Having a baby with a birth weight lower than average than women who do not smoke. The main cause is that blood flow to the fetus blocked so that the intake of nutrients from the mother to the fetus is reduced. According to Professor Peter Hindmarsh, endocrinologists son of University College Hospital London, UK, said that the growth of babies born to mothers who were heavy smokers will be disturbed, especially on the weight, length, and head circumference. And do not rule affects the function of other organs such as the liver, brain and bones of the baby.

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