7 Day Weight Overcome Stress

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7 Day Weight Overcome Stress
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the problems and pressures of work in the office? If not addressed, you will experience the stress that can lead to depression. To cope with stress, you can memetakansolusinya by doing the relaxation for two weeks.

Here 7 Day Weight Overcome Stress

Day 1: Write down what bothers you

When obstacles arise, ask yourself how the impact of these problems in the long panjang.Tuliskan what the problem is on your mind or need to change the situation on the issue. Write down the details of the steps to be taken, then create a concrete action plan is the first step yangtepat to cope with stress.

Day 2: Make a list of aid

Make a list of people who are able to support you for advice and assistance in emergencies. Andamungkin will realize that you have many people who can mendukungAnda emotionally and financially that might be a problem weighing on you. Knowing that many people who support you can reduce the effects of stress and make you feel more powerful.

Day 3: Drink Tea

A UK study found that drinking black tea regularly can lower levels of stress hormones and promote a feeling of relaxation. But note also how much caffeine you drink before bed so that you can still sleep soundly.

Day 4: Relax with a massage

When you're at the mall or while waiting for the train at the station, try to sit in the massage chair for 15 minutes to calm the nerves. Or place your left hand in front of you, palms facing up, massage the fleshy spot between left thumb and index finger with the thumb of your right hand in a circular motion slowly.

Day 5: Move your body parts

Several times a day, move your whole body from top to bottom with a focus on the areas most vulnerable to stress-related muscle tension. Perform movements to relax the muscles in the forehead, eyes, lips, tongue, jaw, lower back, and toes.

Day 6: Stop thinking bad

Negative thoughts can trigger stress. So, look at the one of the positive side first. Then take a deep breath and decide whether you need to dwell on the negatives of the situation.

Day 7: Laugh

Research has found that hormonendorfin are released when you laugh can improve mood hati.Tontonlah comedy shows on TV that stress you experience faded along with improving your mood.

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