7 easy tips that are High Blood Pressure

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7 easy tips that are High Blood PressureHaving a healthy body is everyone's expectations. This can be on the mark with blood pressure remained normal. With blood pressure that is always stable, then working organs will also be optimized as well. You certainly will avoid the possibility of developing high blood pressure or hypertension.

Hypertension or high blood pressure disease is one disease that we must avoid. Did you know that high blood pressure can cause complications laiinya primarily to disrupt the system of the heart, stroke and even erectile dysfunction. Hence, this time tips will address an article that might be useful for readers.

Here are 7 easy tips that are High Blood Pressure

1. Reading Al-Quran

Reading the Quran is a powerful tips to reduce high blood pressure, this is due to stress or problems you are experiencing. when we read the Qur'an calmly, then our hearts will be quiet too

2. Sports

Sports on a regular basis will stabilize the blood pressure in the body, because the virgin pressure due to blockage happens, because if the range, the clog is due to the burning of calories loggar

3. Get plenty of rest

Proper and sufficient breaks will reduce blood pressure that always works

4. Music

listen to music that beatnya stable and doing breathing exercises turned out very well to keep your blood pressure remains normal. This is because, listening to music is a very good medium to dilate arteries, relieve anxiety and be able to keep you from the constriction of blood vessels in the body.

5. Laugh

Laughter turned out very well to keep your blood pressure remained stable. Teryata Laughter can also make blood vessels dilate by 22%. So that would make the blood vessels expand to be very good for improving blood circulation in the body and will eventually reduce high blood pressure or hypertension.

6. Brown

Dark chocolate it can keep your body's blood pressure remained normal. According to a study conducted in Italy in 2008 suggested that eating dark chocolate every day for 15 days can help reduce systolic blood pressure. Therefore, consumption of dark chocolate is one of easy tips that keep your blood pressure stable.

7. Measuring instruments

This is a very effective tips to know your blood pressure every time. You can measure your blood pressure in your spare time every day with a blood pressure measuring device you own.

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