7 Houses Subway in the World

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Creativity is boundless. This also happens with the idea construction of houses. With higher human population each year, bringing crazy ideas some people build houses under ground.

Like the nation Hobbit film series Lord of the Ring, sample 7 houses created an underground following. The cave to house in the soil may be the man later.

1. Great Ormside, Cumbria

Great Ormside located in the UK. Underground house is the work of architect John Bodger of Phil and Helen Reddy.

Home is precisely located in the Eden Valley, an old mined area.
This valley also presents an amazingly beautiful scenery. Home
hidden behind rocks and consists of two floors.

Great Ormside become an integral part of the natural surroundings. Present building
2002 and where the different functions of each floor. One as a clinic
and other animal shelters.

2. Sedum House, North Norfolk Coast

Sedum House created to maximize sunlight into the room
expected to use minimal lighting. This concept turns
This was successful despite the dugout.

Sedum House is automatically becomes warm and cool. Results of rain water that fell well
utilized this house, to the concept of Eco-friendly viable girded Sedum.

3. Flower Petals

If looked at a house located in the Bolton, England in vertical buildings such as flower petals. And do you know, building This unique belonged to Gary Neville, steady football club captain Manchester United.

Gary did want to have a home basement while remaining environmentally friendly. The plan finally materialized after prior approval from the local regulator. Form petals aims to facilitate easy entry into the sunlight all corners of the basement of Gary. A total of 8,000 buildings square foot and has four bedrooms.

4. Stone Desert Home

Like dornob launched the site, the house is located in Greece. Precisely are 'in' the hills. The structure of the house extends to some deliberately presented in order to facilitate the opening of incoming light. Old Evidence This at first glance like a desert. However, there are grass and some green plants. The residence is also inspired from the elements of the Greek tradition.

5. Estate Lttenstrasse, Dietikon

Vetsch deliberately create different Lättenstrasse Estate. Located in settlement, consisting of nine residential Lättenstrasse mutually connected.

Parking facilities and the stairs to the basement houses also available. The house on the land is deliberately presented to protect from extreme weather Switzerland. Each house as seen from the site erdhaus, there are heated in the furnace as the area when the winter arrives.

6. Hobbit house in Vals 

Switzerland not seem to bring out the amazing underground houses. This time Vals, which is an architectural masterpiece and Christian Search Müller. Vals also has incredible views, in addition to There is also a bathroom with warm temperatures. This house felt warm very winter and cool in the summer time arrives.

7. Houses for rent, Kandovan

Cave Dwellings For Rent alias halfway house for rent located in Iran, precisely on the basis of Sahand mountains. Entrusting you, complex occupancy has been around since 700 years ago. Establishment is done chiseled way.

The house is similar underground old apartment. The shaping of the space is taken from an old pile of old ground. But along the way ave Dwellings undergoing refurbishment to meet akspek comfort.

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