7 The issue of improper Doomsday

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7 The issue of improper DoomsdayMayan doomsday predictions about December 21, 2012 to stir the world. Those who believe that there's even started. To prevent panic, the U.S. Space Agency NASA also issued a rebuttal.

There are at least seven NASA phenomenon refuted by scientific arguments. Their studies posted on the official site and the columns outside angkasa.Berikut six myths about 'apocalypse' which was countered NASA.

1. Planet Nibiru Hoax

Some people believe that the end of the world December 21, 2012 occurred karenabumi colliding with the planet Nibiru. But NASA ensure that the planet no alias hoax.

In his research, NASA called no planet will hit the Earth. If that would happen, the scientists would have predicted this decades ago. The community was able to see the planet with the eyes.

Thus, it is clear that the planet does not exist. Indeed, there is another planet called Nibiru with Eris. NASA recognized name Eris does exist, but its position is very far away, about 4 million miles.

2. Earth and Sun Align It Plain

Many people predicted doomsday December 21 occurred because of the position of earth and sun align in a single line cosmic. Position near future, will make the sun 'burn' the earth.

NASA confirms there is a phenomenon in which the Earth and sun align in the center of the Milky Way galaxy (the Milky Way). It happens every December.

Even so, NASA ensures that the phenomenon is not harmful to the earth. People will be able to ignore it when someone's trying to associate these events with the apocalypse.

3. Posts flare from the sun no danger

Solar thermal activity does have 11-year cycle. Glowing heat will be 'volatile' and sometimes destroy satellites in space.

However, this activity will not affect to the earth. Especially cause 21Desember upcoming doomsday.

The next peak of solar thermal heating will occur in the 2012-2014 time span. This event would not be predicted to be more dangerous than the previous hot incandescence.

4. Pole Position Impossible Changed

At the end of the world movie '2012 'Hollywood production, position north pole and the south pole is described change. There is a shift in the earth's crust menyebabkanhal it.

NASA ensures that the phenomenon can not happen. It is true that once there is movement in the continent several million years ago, but it was not relevant to the claim that the earth's poles will change position.

Some call pergesaran pole position because there is a change that goes medanmagnet 400 thousand years. But for NASA, changes in the magnetic field did not affect much of the planet. Moreover, the magnetic field change will not happen at least for the next tahunke 1000.

5. Big Volcano Eruption Probably not

Volcanic eruptions is a routine phenomenon on Earth. But, if there are predicting there will be a simultaneous volcanic eruptions, to membuatdunia apocalypse, it's very minimal possibilities.

NASA asked the public not to panic seen volcanic phenomena. Do not believe it can also make the end of the earth simultaneously.

For example in the U.S., there is evidence of increased volcanic activity at Yellowstone, and would create a disturbance in the U.S. skies. But some experts say it is a very rare event, and the probability is very small.

6. No Big Asteroid Hit Earth

Earth often collides with comets and asteroids. However, the phenomenon of collision with a very large celestial bodies, causing kiamattak may occur in the near future.

Collision biggest ever lasted 65 million years ago. That moment saatdinosaurus extinct.

NASA has been doing research to find a nearby space objects that will hit the earth. As a result, there is certainly no such thing as long as a dinosaur who destroy.

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