7 Man-Fastest Man in the World

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1. shooter World's Fastest (Revolver)

7 Man-Fastest Man in the World
Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, is the record holder for the fastest man in the world at 100 meters cross racing (and 200 yards). In the 100-meter track at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin in August 2009 recently Bolt broke the record on his own with a time of 9.58 seconds.

Note the time is 0.11 seconds faster than the old record set last year at the Beijing Olympics. Looks like Bolt is currently competing at the clock only.

  2. Steven Purugganan, World's Fastest Hands

HumanJerry Miculek is an experienced instructor who shoot fast in almost all types of firearms. He was listed as the world's fastest petembak revolver with 5 shots in 0.57 seconds. Currently Miculek holds five world records in exhibition revolver shooting. His wife Kay Clark Miculek is a petembak well and is a national champion and won several world championships.

Steven Purugganan is a world record holder and move the cup stacking in 6.21 seconds shows how fast his hand.

3. Fastest Rubik's Cube solver

Fastest Rubik cube solver in the world today is "Macky" Makisumi. He is the best in several world record-breaking speedcubing.

His record on the 2x2x2 Speedsolve was 2.82 seconds and 12.11 seconds in the 3x3x3.

 4. Bar Wizard Adam Dolman, Fastest Open Bottle Caps

The fastest open 300 beer bottle caps made a team of 3 people with a time of 1 minute 47 seconds. The team is headed by Alois Unertl. For relay-style, tip opening 100 bottles of the team, and after the next member began opening the bottle cap again.

5. Kent French, World's Fastest Hands Clapping

David R. Adamovich, known as "The Great Throwdini" is
fastest knife thrower. He was the scorer and breaking new records in
world over-throwing another knife thrower.

He currently holds the world record for the fastest knife thrower,
throwing and catching knives, throwing knives at targets around the
quickest and fastest knife thrower in the double ladder of death.

Kent French, have their own techniques to clap
with its own unique style combining agile and with power
resistant. He scored a record most applause in a minute, that is
721 times as much applause.

6. World's Fastest drinkers

 Men's drinking water, 1.5 liters in 4.88 seconds.

7. Bob Arno, World's Fastest Pickpockets

"Pickpocket" this one is hands very quickly. Bob Arno is often performed in
American television shows for that expertise. On the show Late Night
with David Letterman (December 1983) he stole tie and hours of pet Letterman.

 Has also been featured in the Just for Laugh HBO in 1989 and some
 times on the show 20/20 on ABC. In this event he showed
expertise with a pickpocket on the streets.

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