7 Men's Interests Women are Becoming Popular

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7 Men's Interests Women are Becoming PopularEach person must have a hobby that suits pleasures and interests of each individual. Moreover, it can be profitable hobby of the profession, the idea is to make money. But realize that your hobby your field, not just profitable in terms of money alone, it can get more attention from women (woman).

Here are 7 Men's Interests Women are Becoming Popular

1. Basketball Players

For this first hobby, maybe you are not familiar to your ears. Because some of the facts proved, each watch school or college basketball team play, definitely more girls are watching. Investigate to investigate apparently they do not just support the team playing squad, but rather idolized several players from inside and outside the team is fairly cool and the guys really like that. This, I find when there is competition DBL (Basketball Development League) in Samarinda.

2. Soccer Players

Although soccer is a sport that is synonymous with the boys. But somehow this time the girls liked that this one guy hobby. As happened when Indonesia was in AFF competition and saw a young squad of the new team, namely Irfan. Some facts girls insisted that they were very impressed with his good looks, plus a very good game for the national team of Indonesia.

3. Children Band

Many facts prove that girls really liked the boy band. Because, according to my son's band is one of the hobbies that could be considered very popular and famous easy. From the things that many women seek fame itself. However, there are also women who really love playing music. The following is the order of the fame of the boy band favored most girls:
  • vocalist
  • guitarist
  • drummer
  • keyboard
  • bassist

4. Photographers

photographer is a very popular hobby girl. This fact is a lot I found in various parts of Indonesia. Investigate to investigate, it turns out she prefers like a photographer because it can be a model for free

5. Kids Skate

Children skate is one hobby that was his time. Reasons that make the hobby a guy likes a girl how these types is their (girls) think if it gets to be a girlfriend, a girl is automatically popularity will rise. Moreover, he (the boy) a pe-famous skater.

6. Break Dance

For a hobby, I do not need explains at length. For all of you must know why the girls love it. First, because his style is fairly cool, Hip-Hop so. Second, because the awe with his break dancing performances. Third, because she's really good at and very popular.

7. Child Car Modification

Well, for this hobby, many in search of the girl. Especially if the girl had heard the word 'car club', usually directly to smile

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