7 The most sinister in Jakarta-Indonesia

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7 The most sinister in Jakarta-IndonesiaLocation: Jln. Metro Pondok Indah, Jak-Cells

Phenomenon: Ghost Sightings fathers and women.

Remember the hectic talks in late September 2002 about the disappearance of a handyman fried rice in front of the empty house?

This incident was so horrendous because in front of the house is just behind the wagon fried rice. It is said that the night before the missing worker was about to usher in the fried rice fried rice ordered by a woman into the house. However, he never came out again.

Regarding the history of the house, the whole family is said homeowners are killed in a robbery-motivated business competition. Since then, many passers-by often look like a ghost ghosts manifest fathers and female ghost. However, recently there was not much horror events were reported in this house. Even some time ago, this house was used as a place to sleep for the homeless.
Around the year 2002, Nurdin (32), the seller and the goulash soup around Pondok Indah, claimed to have seen the ghost that resembles fathers and forth in the front yard of this house.

2. PARK CITY olive, Mayestik

Location: Behind the Barito bird market Jak-Cells.

Phenomenon: Kuntilanak and Genderuwo

Langsat Park is actually a sport and leisure facilities that are complete enough. In it grow beautiful trees.

It's just not a lot of people who use this facility. Because deserted city park becomes haunted, especially at night. It is said that at night, residents often see kuntilanak in the trees in the garden Langsat.

Ghost stories and the people who possessed no longer new to Mrs. Grace (34), selling cigarettes on the edge of the park Langsat, who has 25 years of opening the cigarette kiosk. One time, a guest who was in his stall kongkow never said goodbye at 1 am for claiming to see Genderuwo. Every time the night guard, Syamsuri (21), guard who had served for 3 years in the Garden Langsat, often smell strange smells and hear the sounds of laughter obscure source.


Location: Bintaro, South Jakarta

Phenomenon: Creepy Creatures train crash victims

On October 19, 1987, there was a train accident that killed hundreds of people near the station Sudimara, Bintaro. In the trajectory itself also has repeatedly crash that claimed lives. That said, the track is considered to be haunted by the sound often heard people crying and screaming.
g terdengar suara orang menangis dan menjerit.

Imam (31), rail engineers who worked since 1996. He had seen the creature, which is realized as the black-clad gloves. Although the train was passing back and forth over him, the creature is not going as deliberately teasing. Finally on the rail was held cutting buffalo. He also met a similar creature Dutch women in colonial times, and kuntilanak rail crossing.


Location: Ancol Bridge (ex rocking bridge), Ancol Beach, and other areas around Ancol, Jak-Ut

Phenomenon: The Sweet Siti Ariah Ancol Bridge (popularly known as Maryam after his story made into a glass)

In 1995, a painter in the Ancol visited by a woman who asked painted. When a new artist to draw half of his body, the woman disappeared. Residents believe that she is The Sweet Ancol Bridge. This myth was started decades earlier. In the 60's when the Ancol area is still a dam-dam, a rower boat met with The Sweet.

She was riding a boat at night ddan pay rower with leaves. This information was obtained from Simatupang Rooms & Roommates (65), an itinerant photographer in Ancol, a friend of paddler boat earlier.
Anshori (38), selling cigarettes near the exit Ancol, he once saw Siti Ariah close. He opened his first cigarette kiosk here in 1990, exactly next to the bridge shake. At that moment Friday night, was waiting Anshori stall, rather drizzle. Around 1 am, passing a woman. When it was a bit much, she turned around smiling approached Anshori stall. Anshori greet women he thought was a potential buyer's merchandise. Distance Anshori a woman of about 50 cm. According Anshori, sweet-faced woman, and wearing a yellow shirt and gray skirt. After being asked what it was about shopping, she disappeared. Although not wear all-white clothing, Anshori sure she was The Sweet Ancol Bridge. Since the incident, Anshori feel increasingly salable merchandise and fortune more smoothly.


Location: Jln. Basuki Rachmat, Jak-Tim

Phenomenon: The figure crossing the street, among them grandmothers with grandchildren and a beautiful woman.

Built on the graveyard, haunted tunnels spelled Casablanca. According to some residents of Casablanca, when the demolition of the grave, there is even one body intact. From Casablanca to tunnel radius of approximately 40 meters later, many accidents are caused unreasonable. Usually because bikers or car saw a woman suddenly crossed in front of his vehicle, so the driver of the vehicle suddenly swerved and hit a road divider.

According to residents, it's good when it passes through the tunnel, motorists honked to "greet" the tunnel dwellers. The end of the 90's, a middle-aged man who hanged himself there with banners here. Be the haunted place.
According to mrs. Yati Mustafa (43), a resident who lives near the tunnel Casablanca, people often hear the sound of crying, when approached by the sound source, the sound was moved.


ALocation: Pondok Gede, Jak-Tim

Phenomenon: The spirit and aura G.30S victims of torture that is still felt.

On 30 September 1965, found six bodies brang military generals and a lieutenant was buried in the well. Next to the well, there is room 7 in it charged sculpture sculpture sculpture replica and a voice which tells the torture of the seven heroes earlier. In the next room there are two houses was complete with the original furnishings. The houses had been called as a command post and a common kitchen PKI forces. Then, Pancasila Sakti monument built to commemorate the seventh hero earlier.

Hartono (48), a resident of Crocodile Hole, already familiar with the story of sightings in the vicinity of the museum and wells. He had a lot of friends who told me never see the figure kuntilanak Crocodile Hole when passing through the area at night. But he had never witnessed. A Well of Death guard booth that does not want to be named said they had heard the sound of marching boots were lined up like soldiers in a night.


Location: Orange Village Purut, Jak-Cells

Phenomenon: Pocong, tuyul, kuntilanak, kuntilanak man, and if you're lucky, Tank Head Pastor.

In 1986, a tomb guard orange TPU Purut on guard night saw a headless priest crossed the tomb.

Father was carrying his own head and behind, take a dog. That said, the pastor is "one home". He searched for the real grave in Christian unit TPU Land coachman, while Orange TPU unit Purut only Islam. Sapri Saputra, tomb guards who saw the priest's head stump that is still guarding the tomb and considered Kuncen or elders in Orange TPU Purut. The testimony of Mr. Sapri is then spread as Jakarta and today "the Father Head Tank" a horror legend in Orange Purut. That said, if you want to see this legendary priest, you have to come in on Friday night with an odd number (alone or all three).
Since childhood, Asmari (34), junior Mr. Sapri, have been accustomed to living in Orange Purut burial. His father was a government employee who worked there. Since graduating from elementary school (1986), Asmari a grave non-employee board TPU Orange Purut follow his father's footsteps. According Asmari, the experience of meeting with supernatural beings is commonplace for him, ranging from pocong, tuyul, kuntilanak, kuntilanak men, and others. However, until now he had never met with the Pastor Head Tank. "The most ignorant man kuntilanak it," said Asmari.

While on patrol, Asmari never ditimpuki gravel from the tree melinjo by these creatures. But, of all the experiences Asmari meet supernatural beings, the most interesting is when you meet tuyul. One day late in the evening in 1986, Asmari going back home with her father. They saw a little boy running around naked in the grave laughing. The boy then called out for money in Asmari.

Asmari wonder because the boy did not know, while he knew all the people in the village behind the Orange Purut. I used to be only one village whose inhabitants are not too many. When asked background, child mi run away into the shrine, a traditional Betawi house tomb. Asmari follow up to the sacred and, predictably, the boy disappeared.

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