7 Powerful Ways to Attract Women

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7 Powerful Ways to Attract Women1. Be Casual

Women are often more aggressive than men, so men are encouraged to have high flexibility properties. Immediately contact when you have to get the phone number, she did not like to wait long. Hurry do not be late.

2. Make a move

When she did not get the criteria that is in you, therein lies the advantage. You can do 'attraction' private show as if you are looking for. Treat her with simple compliments about her physical appearance.

3. Make her earn it

Appreciate is a loophole that allows you to attract women. She will appreciate you when you act like what you didiri. He will be annoyed if at some point found irregularities at me later.

4. Be unpredictable

That may often he has become common knowledge for women. You have to rack my brain to give little surprises out of the usual. For example, take the roof of your house dinners, etc..

5. Have a life

One of the most desirable women in which men have had a good life. Straight life with a variety of activities that are positive and show that women are not the only targets of this life. That way she will take it for granted.

6. Be mysterious

Many men make the mistake of revealing his true identity to the woman who was approached. Be mysterious man. Make a woman fooled by your appearance, when he was asked whether the type of your vehicle, you immediately answered "I'm just riding a motorcycle battered", but on the other end waiting for your personal chauffeur. Women not only admire your character but the sense of humor is also the main attraction.

7. Be cool

Show flurry in front of you but not pretentious busy. Answer moderation when he contacted by telephone. Women are curious by nature you are. Never seen that you were chasing him.

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