7 Steps to Keep Laptop

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7 Steps to Keep Laptop1. Be careful about downloading software "of the Internet

Typically ya, klo kenceng connection alias already exists speeding, surely deh kerjaannya download. Try not to download software that is not clear the origin of his family tree, (no descendants download software) because it can harm us. Pakelah software "which has been obtained from the package the first time laptop purchase. If the downloaded software should scan it first with the top antivirus.

2. Do not install software "that if only rarely used and pointless

Why buy durian but gk eaten. has not it? as well as software that is installed, used and otherwise useless crap it will only be able to make it and vomit. (Say aja gk hooked duren)

3. Do not put your laptop on the mattress when it is lit

The impact is quite large, based on the experience of my friend. After a few hours on his laptop ditaro mattress, the next day the adapter directly damaged.

4. Keep your laptop

Keep your laptop there should be no dust at all, always wipe after each use with a clean white cloth to be free of dust and germs. Wear protective screen protector and keypad also klo afford.

5. Avoid electromagnetic vibration

Keep your laptop from electromagnetic equipment such as loudspeakers, loudspeaker, machines, mobile phones, and other sources of vibration.

6. Arrange the connected

Wherever possible the cables to the laptop it should be well organized, not to make others stumble and fall and get hurt and then blame you. Could bother anymore affairs.

7. Take care of your laptop batteries regularly

Should now use laptop for a long time, the battery is fully charged in advance with the current record being filled not played. Then if it is full then unplug chargerannya play until the battery rest a little longer. Keep air circulation as well, because this is very important when air circulation is not going smoothly, it can lead to over-heating.

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