7 Symptoms of migraine

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7 symptoms of migraineAka migraine headache is a complicated disease, clinical symptoms were also more than just a headache. Some symptoms even came a day before a migraine recurrence.

But it is also important to understand that migraine disease individually, each person sometimes have different symptoms.

To understand the frequent migraine attacks, neighborhood watch and see what triggers the arrival of this headache.

Here are 7 symptoms of migraine

1. Yawn

A day or two days before a migraine attack, you will probably yawn more frequently than usual. Other early symptoms (prodomes) include fluid retention, like snacking, tired, thirsty, and emotional changes. Although the symptoms were annoying, but we can prepare ourselves to cope with migraines.

2. Aura

Visual effects, including bint-see spots or stains (aura), reduced visibility, often 30 minutes or one hour before a migraine attack and then just disappear when a migraine attack. In pre-menopausal women who experience an aura before a migraine should be careful because they are more vulnerable to stroke.

3. Nausea

If you suffer from headaches but did not feel sick, you do not have migraines. Arising nausea may reduce appetite, and even lead to vomiting.

4. Pain on one side of the head

Tension-type headaches or other types will cause pain around the head or on both sides. With the onset of nausea and pain in one part of the head is a sign that you suffer from migraines. Also more intense pain and make it difficult to move.

5. Sensitive to sound and light

Migraine sufferers often complain of headache that felt coupled with the advent of more sensitive sense of sound or light. In a minority of people even become more sensitive skin. The experts explained that overactivity in the brain that regulate environmental stimuli considered hurtful insensitive causing it.

6. Numb

Tingling in the hands or feet, numbness or numbness in the arm or part of the face, commonly experienced by migraine sufferers. It occurs when the aura.

7. Blurred vision

Sensation shining vision can occur when migraine pain recurrence or when we see the aura. Some people also experience visual disturbances or other neurological changes. Vision changes due to changes in blood flow to the brain.

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