7 Tips Healthy Digestive Organs

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Do not ignore the advice "stop eating before satiety", because this is not just a wise sentence. This is because the sentence is related to the health of the digestive organs. The desire to satiate the stomach is not necessarily proportional to the needs of the digestive system. In addition, diet or food choices that do not fit well can disrupt the digestive organs, so that the digestive system can be disrupted. Eating healthy foods and apply a good diet, can help nourish the organs, especially the digestive organs. Some ways you can do to nourish the digestive organs are as follows:

1. Raw food diet can help you. Although it is known that raw foods counterintuitive, but eating fruits, vegetables, and raw sprouts can help the digestive system work so much easier. This is because the enzymes contained in these foods may help increase the body's energy and nourish the digestive organs.

2. If you tend to eat sweet desserts, then wait a while to eat it. This is so the protein contained in complex foods such as fish, meat, and poultry well maintained and not damaged by sugar intake.

3. Eat vitamin B complex or nutritious food that your body needs to produce hydrochloric acid.

4. If prone to ulcers, avoid foods or supplements containing betaine hydrochloride.

5. Meet the needs of the full spectrum of digestive enzymes to aid digestion, such as lipase (for fat), lactase, amylase (for starch), protease (for protein), cellulase, invertase (for sugar) and hemicellulase (for fiber).

6. Avoid eating when under stress, because the hormone during stress can interfere with digestion.

Add spice ingredients in your food, such as ginger, black pepper and cayenne pepper, as it can help the digestive system.

7. Empty stomach, consume probiotic supplements spectrum, because these beneficial bacteria needed to produce essential nutrients intestine to prevent the entry of harmful bacterial and fungal infections in the body.

8. Chewing food slowly can also help digestion because it is useful in increasing the production of saliva or salivary fluid, so that the nutrients and vitamins that come out and mix with the saliva to help the body get extra energy.

9. Salivary fluid may help destroy the food particles, making it easier for the digestive tract to absorb nutrients, then chew food properly.

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