7 Tips Knowing Personality Through Face Shape

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7 Tips Knowing Personality Through Face ShapeThe face is a picture of human behavior, but it can not make reference to us, however, the psychological model or face shape may provide or describe the personality of a person.

Here are 7 Tips Knowing Personality Through Face Shape

1. Resembling a PEAR SHAPE

Face shape resembles a pear fruit reflects the nature that is easy to feel anxious. Usually, he needs a strong boost from the people close to him. The tendency to be in doubt - doubt often harm himself. But besides that, he likes it - womanly things such as cooking. She loves to experiment with her cooking. And he was also a warm, humble and friendly.


Reflection of the oval face shape is often fantasize and hope of something beautiful. Sensitive nature causes it easy to feel offended. This shows the character of the face that need attention and admiration. In terms of romance she tends to think in idealistic.


Type to master are the property of this rectangular face. But once he was a friend of reliable and trustworthy. He'd rather be a leader than a follower. With the abilities he has always been an important person in any organization who attended. He can never be silent than merely waiting for orders, and always full of optimism.

4. FACE SHAPE resembles a heart

Women who have a face like this seem to have a gentle nature. But in fact he possesses a hard and strong character. Faithfulness its very impressive, both as a friend or as a girlfriend. Sometimes - sometimes he is weird and full of humor.

5. FACE SHAPE elongated

Strong character is a characteristic elongated shape face. Things - things that require physical activity she loves. He's always moving and usually like doing things twice. Nature, always wanting to resolve the problem quickly without being able to put it off until tomorrow. Easy to make decisions when something caught his eye.


Easy going. Easy to attract the attention of the boys and a little bit slacker are properties owned by this triangular face shape. With love and charm, he was not an aggressive type. Something that is peaceful and quiet was part of her life.

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