7 Tips to Overcome Anger Sense

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7 Tips to Overcome Anger Sense
Angry is an emotion that comes up, when there is an incentive in the form of a threat or non-compliance with the expectations of outsiders. Anger can spend the energy and make the feeling of being frivolous.

Each person must have or perhaps often, feel passionate anger. Unfortunately, not everyone can wreak mangatasi or angry in a healthy way. As quoted from eHow, here's the tips that you can copy to regulate emotion and anger.

1. Looking for Space

When you feel frustrated and want to vent anger, go out. Look for fresh air and a quiet place to avoid meeting with people involved in the issue. Look for a situation that you do not easily provoked. That way, you will have enough time to calm down and think clearly to make a decision.

2. Communication

Express your anger in a way that clearly and firmly, but not too aggressive. Explain the reasons why you are angry and what is actually desired. If it's difficult because emotions are too passionate, it helps if you talk to other people who are close to you, friends, for example. You can also write what you feel in a journal or something.

3. Sport

Physical activity such as exercise can help release tension and refocus your energy. Are like aerobic exercise, can help to release endorphins, a hormone produced by the body's pain reliever that works to restore the lost mood. Calm yourself and relax a bit.

4. Set Breath

The fastest way emotion is when you start to breathe deeply from the diaphragm. Good thing done because it can deliver oxygen to the brain and then relax tense muscles. Keep regulate breathing while saying nice things.

5. Counseling

Seek outside assistance or counseling can do to deal with the emotions that may be difficult to overcome. Anger is a natural emotion and important, but when they are disturbing the quality of life, it is time to seek help. Talk to someone professional, who can help you manage your emotions better.

6. Change

Emotions are not always caused by external parties, may be unwittingly terjadikarena emotions of negative thoughts to ourselves. It requires you to change the way you think. Begin replacing negative thoughts "I failed" with "will I do differently next time, and it'll work." The more you practice to change the perception of the situation that upset, you'll be the wiser.

7. Joke

There are times when you have to really look for in spite of the tensions and make the mood back sesuatuuntuk well, the solution is humor. Meet your friends who have a good sense of humor. He will give you the entertainment and help you out of a feeling of stress. Also, watch comedy movies could be an alternative.

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