7 Tips To Overcome Varicose

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7 Tips To Overcome Varicose1. Exercise and Lose weight

Lack of exercise causes muscle weakness and less able to support the work of the vein, which facilitates the onset of varicose veins. Conversely, exercise helps to eliminate them. Every muscle contraction buttocks, thighs, and legs will help the blood in the veins to flow back to the heart. Cycling, walking, climbing stairs, aerobics and swimming are examples of exercise is good for this purpose.

Obesity adds to the burden of the vein. People who are obese have more blood to flow to the vein. On the other hand, they tend to lack of movement that has muscles that are less able to support the work of the heavy veins.

2. Do not stand too long

If you stand up, your legs have the longest distance to the heart. In addition, the force of gravity in an upright position means the strongest. Both make the veins have the heaviest burden. If you have a job that requires a lot of standing, try to keep as much as possible menyelinginya with a walk a few meters. You can also occasionally lifting the foot to relieve pressure.

3. Do not sit too long

Sitting knee and groin causing bending. This makes the flow of blood to the heart becomes heavier. When you sit like driving long distances or working at a desk, try to intersperse the outstretched legs and walk a few meters. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed, because it can block the flow of your blood.

4. Eating a balanced diet

In addition to preventing obesity, a balanced diet useful to prevent varicose veins. Collagen which form blood vessels and the muscles you need vitamin C and protein. By getting enough nutrients, blood vessels and muscles will be strong and not easily broken.

5. Use support stockings

Support stockings or compression stockings are stockings legs or tights made of strong elastic material. You wear them all day and releasing it at night. This stocking will push to block the development of varicose veins and helps the blood flow in your legs. In addition, support stockings also reduce pain and improve your appearance.

6. Lift your feet

You can raise your feet above the height of the heart for 10 minutes every hour. This will reduce the pressure on your veins, which prevent or reduce varicose veins. You can also put a pillow on legs when you sleep.

7. Do not be a strict dress

Unlike the stockings are specially designed to help blood flow to the top, tight clothing around the waist, groin or leg it will block it, thus aggravate varicose veins.

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