7 Tips to start and open a business

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7 tips to start and open a businessIf you wish to entrepreneurship was unbearable, be patient. You must be careful and accurate in starting a business. Do not let big appetite; eh, trnyata preparation underdone, Finally you are desperate.

Here are 7 tips to start and open a business

1. Prepare Mental So Employers

You have to know the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Just so you know, different employers with employees. If the employee tends to spend his monthly salary immediately, Employers do not! An entrepreneur will invest a portion of income earned to earn greater. So if you want to start a business, apply mental businessman, not mental employees.

2. Clear Vision and Mission

You must know the vision and mission of the business. The vision and mission can be your guide for the step. Often when I started developing a business fail because they will not focus on the organization KPD increased business progress early, but too many are trying to develop other business fields. You just wait, focus on one business first; then if you've had success just want to dither any business OK.

3. Business is Easy

As a prospective entrepreneur you have to think strategically and 'simple'. Speaking of business, it's simple. As an example you drink mineral business. You just buy a bottle of mineral for USD 100 and sell it back at a price of Rp 1500 allows for profits earned $ 500 and not to sell certain price is lower dg krn lose. Yes, by selling a bottle of mineral and profit $ 500, you're a businessman. Just multiply and improved quantity and quality of it. The point is simple, your goal is to make a profit, surely your business will be more moncer.

4. Do not Be Afraid PerModal's

Modal often complained by the prospective employer. They huff krn capital difficulties. You certainly do not need to worry. Capital is linked dg how much business that you run. Dg capital of about 2-10 million that you can reach for dr own savings you are able to 'roll-kale' a businessman. So do not be afraid of difficulties of capital, capital dg too tight you can still open a business.

If you are still having trouble, you can hold civil or even friends. In addition to easier to run a business, you are not busy handling various bills owed on the bank withdrawal. However, if you want mmbuka brtekad preponderance of business, bank borrowing is not taboo. You just set your business more rapidly again, which would be dredged would profit even more "outrageous". So you can still exist and pay the loan at the bank.

5. Strategic place

Matter where it is rather complicated, but if you already know the key, bear right. The key is to find that place strategically. Strategic places which can be crowded, near dg activities of citizens, or near schools, offices and campuses. But the affairs of the place often outwit you know, so be careful. Because there are also places that are in locations that are not crowded and strategic, eh was crowded visitors. So what is the key? Of course, if it's a restaurant, service and food that the appetite must be the key. Bottom line if you are very difficult to determine where the location of business, do not be angry because you could always sell the other advantages that you have.

Another step that you can take, to create a specific strategy ut attract consumers. For example, one of the SMEs in Yogyakarta who sells traditional food as a gift shop that is located in the narrow alley. SMEs using the strategy they will cooperate dg dg travel agency / travel and within each package / wrapper printed maps / floor plans of SMEs TSB ut reach locations.

6. Ready to Open Business

OK, you're ready dg venture capital and land. The next step is ready to open a business. If you are a beginner and really still 'green' need not be discouraged. You have to remain optimistic, or if you can, gandenglah mentor who can guide and escort during the early days of the business open. In addition you need to also join komunitas2 entrepreneurs. Since dg it can get guidance, advice, input scr who sustained minor handling fee. In addition if the mental is down (negative), the role of mentors and community can be a source of inspiration and pep.

7. Sharpening Creativity and Foresight

If your business is selling well, that is the fruit of your work over the years. Do you feel satisfied first, the competitor / competitors are more scattered. We're a little off guard, our business could be stalled. So be diligent that brilliant maneuver. For example, if you are doing business meals, raciklah menu menu2 a unique and introduce new and different from the usual, surely customers will not be bored. Alternatively, if income is "mounting", kepakkan wings. You can set up branches in other places and will be prepared rupiah flowing into your pockets.

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