7 Tips to take pictures from a professional photographer

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7 Tips to take pictures from a professional photographer
Take pictures to capture the moment on the way are things that can not be missed by all travelers. However, many travelers are original picture until the image is not good.

Chuck Delaney through his Top Ten Travel Photo Tips from Pro Photographers give you some tips on taking pictures, below.

1. Do not just take pictures, but 'create images' and plan what image you want to capture. No matter wherever you go, you will be very proud when taking pictures. - Michael Doven

2. Odd numbers are more interesting than even numbers. Let take a picture of the three trees in landscape rather than four or two trees would be more interesting. - Wendy Connett

3. Think about what is behind the object image. Background is as important as what the main focus of your photos. - Larry Louie

4. Build relationships through conversation with the subject of the photo. Use gestures if you do not speak their language. Build a relationship with the subject can produce a great picture. - Chase Guttman

5. In the popular tourist spot, go early in the morning when a lot of local people who come out, but before the tourists arrive. - Mitchell Kanashkevich

6. Train situational sensitivity to anticipate things that happened suddenly. For example when shooting ski areas and snow, take pictures before the snow storm coming. - Marc Muench

7. Patience. Plan drawings, aim, and take the picture when it was in accordance with the desired picture. - Nadia Shira and Know your camera. Reliable travel photographer is an artist who knows how to create a beautiful landscape as well as the 'geek' who know everything about the camera being used. - Tom Robinson

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