7 Top City Light In The World

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1. London, England

This city is 2000 years old, but does not lose its beauty, especially at night hari.kota even has 20 tourist places only open at night

2. Paris, France

Paris has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, architectural and cultural sites that attract more than 30 million foreign visitors every year. Paris At night in Paris, they say, all your dreams come true

3. Moscow, Russian Federation

The capital and largest city of the Russian Federation has an unparalleled ability to reinvent itself every few decades. There are regular clubs, bars, lounges, casinos, billiard room, restaurant, tour the city at night, and more

4. Madrid, Spain

Madrid's beauty lies in the decision to retain the look and feel of the environment and the history of the city streets. One of the best nights in Madrid is to spend time listening to music, either in concert or in the park, the city noises always create a pleasant atmosphere for a night out

5. Athens, Greece

Athena did not forget the phenomenal cultural heritage of the city-state of Athens in antiquity. Athens at night will make you amazed at its beauty. such as living monuments, the city might be used at night, but be very changeable at night

6. Beijing, China

Beijing has two conflicting sides to the history, the beautiful and more bloody. the city is changing so dramatically in just a few dekade.selain was spending time at night in beijing is also not bad

7. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, dubbed the Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for the number of casino resorts and entertainment facilities malamnya.kota sinful and wonderful

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